Over the next few weeks contractors will be working in two locations in the Park, at  the Dipping Pond and the Fire Ponds.

For your own safety

  • Please follow all signage and keep well away when work is ongoing.
  • Animals should be kept in close control and away from machinery.
  • Please follow any instructions by operatives on site.
What's Going On

Pond life such as frogs, dragonfly nymphs and newts survive and thrive best in a low nutrient environment. Over the life cycle of the vegetation in and around the ponds results in the silt becoming nutrient rich. This silt and some of the vegetation will be removed  to reduce the improve the habitat. The debris will be deposited around to the ponds allowing the wildlife to return to the pond.  It may look a bit messy over the winter but the banks will soon naturalise come the Spring.

This project is supported by the Scottish Government's Nature Restoration Fund