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Red FoxFox (Vulpes vulpes) The most common fox is the red fox and the one who lives in the park. Although the reddish fur colour varies the tail is always tipped with white and the legs, feet and tips of the ears are always black. It has a pointed snout and ears and a bushy tail known as a brush.


The fox's tail helps it balance and keeps it warm in cold weather when it curls it over like a blanket. It also uses it as a flag to communicate with other foxes. A fox is about 38-88cm(15-35in) tall and weighs between 5-7kg(12-15lbs).

The males are known as dogs or reynards, females are called vixen and the babies are called kits, pups or cubs. Foxes are alert animals, mainly nocturnal which means they are active by night  and they have the reputation of being crafty.

They feed on wild birds, reptiles, insects, poultry, rabbits, and various small animals. Their diet can also include fruit, vegetables, fish, frogs and even worms. Foxes live in forests, grasslands, mountains, farms and towns.

Their home is called a den or an earth and is normally built on a south- facing slope with sandy or gravelly soil. The soil removed from the den is scattered all over the exit holes and forms a fan shaped pile. Watch out for signs of this as you walk round the park.